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Lending Regulation


One aspect of the mortgage market lenders, brokers, agents and other real estate professionals are constantly keeping a keen eye on is changes to lending regulations.

In the wake of the recession, the government has significantly tightened the regulatory environment on lenders and real estate professionals in efforts to protect consumers.

Lenders are arguably the ones affected most by any alterations made to state or federal lending rules, and thus have to pay attention closest to these changes. Modifications to how lenders can conduct business mean they have to closely analyze all information about the regulatory changes to ensure they maintain full compliance.

However, other real estate professionals need to closely monitor lending regulation changes. Brokers and agents must monitor rule variations to determine how they may affect market activity and property sales. Analyzing statistics from the past is a key way to understand what the residential and commercial real estate markets will be like in the future.

For example, brokers and agents can read CRS Data's Lender Market Share Report, which can provide them with detailed market information such as average loan size for an area and changes in competitors' lending patterns over time.

Both commercial and residential loans are included in the Lender Market Share Report, and the data is updated daily to ensure the latest mortgage statistics are taken into account. This up-to-date report can be helpful when looking for the most accurate, latest statistics available for the loan market.

To keep all affiliates, colleagues and clients in the loop about current lending regulation news, CRS Data also offers real estate professionals the ability to create mailing lists to spread their knowledge and expertise across their target audience.

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